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PEST Management Program

This program is specially designed for projects like Oil and Gas fields / Plant, Fertilizers / Cement / Sugar / Textile’s plants and townships, Hospitals, Hotels, Multi-Stories buildings etc. for creating a pest free environment. A free of charge inspection is carried out of the targeted area / project.

Based on the findings of the inspection, a comprehensive and an economical Pest Management Program is submitted, covering both technical and commercial sides for controlling all un-wanted pest, rodents and animals at targeted location for approval. Program is based on an annual contract basis, involving recommended periodic services / visits. Pest Management Certifications are also awarded with our company seal and NPMA (USA) logo, meeting all required international Standards for Certifications and exports.

Snakes Control

Presence of snakes is much scary than the presence of bomb. We undertake Snakes Control Services with guaranteed control. Latest technology and Chemicals are applied involving live trapping, killing, repellant chemicals, manual control, mechanical control etc. This service is available to a small house to large projects on hundreds of acres. Services are provided on annual contracts basis for monitoring and stopping their migration from the un-treated to the treated / cleaned areas

Mosquito Control ( City Govt Styled )

We are fully equipped and experienced to control mosquitoes from any large area, village, project, town or city. Heavy thermal foggers are used to produced thick cloud for creating knock down effects.
Breeding areas are also addressed during the service for achieving best and long lasting results.

Water Tank Cleaning ( ISO – 14001 Standards )

No more normal tank cleaning. EPA specially approved chemicals are applied involving latest technology for killing water and tanks germs, bacteria, and fungus, pest etc. This treatment is highly recommended for Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverages and Hospital Industries.

Gel Cockroach Control

No need of removing food stuff and utensils from kitchen , pantry, canteen and Mess / Dinning halls. No exposure time, no smell, no stains, nothing. A very simple advance way of controlling cockroaches, the most common un-wanted pest by human beings. EPA approved safe and environment friendly Gel is applied using a specially designed Gel at selected areas of the treatment location. What more you want?? No more killed ugly looking cockroaches. All cockroaches once come in contact with Gel’s spot carriers the effect to their colony and they all die in their colonies. So you wont see dead cockroaches in your kitchen etc.

Soon following Gel applications service would be available for controlling different pest.

  1. Gel Ants Control
  2. Gel Lizards Control
  3. Gel Termite Control Etc

Just wait , at Fumicon we are constantly working on latest development in the field of pest management, all over the world. We spend lots of money on our research program because we care for you and you are very important to us.

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